Credit Monitoring

Commercial Entities are constantly changing which drives the need to keep up to date with the current view of your existing customer base. This includes an up to date view of their financial health, changes in ownership, changes in status or changes in shareholding.

illion monitoring service provides automated daily alerts to give you up to date information, which helps you see early warning signs, opportunities for additional business or helping you focus on where your staff need to spend their time.


Get flexibility and customisation to risk monitoring profiles and comprehensive alert triggers ensure your business has a complete and accurate risk assessment on entities you choose to monitor. Find out more here.


illion’s daily alerts help you keep up to date with information on current or prospective clients. These alerts include the ability to track changes in risk scores, changes in management or ownership, adverse information such as court actions or the current company status.

Portfolio Review

illion’s Portfolio Insight represents the gold standard in data intelligence and business risk analytics. Updated daily, Portfolio Insight builds on the powerful illion Direct dashboard to profile your current customers. Gain greater visibility on customer performance and extract deeper analysis by overlaying illion’s predictive risk scores with your own accounts receivable data. It also allows you to identify corporate families to maximise growth opportunities and understand your total exposure, segment your exposure and track customer performance over time. Learn more about Portfolio Insights monitoring here.

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