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What is the risk of failure and late payment across your customer portfolio?

illion enables you to know the risks across your entire portfolio at a glance.
Our scores are built on Gold Standard analytics; informed by unrivalled company trade history, and the most extensive financial and collections data available.

What are the precise areas of risk and opportunity across your accounts receivable?

illion updates you in real-time, and incorporates your own ageing and outstanding balance data.
You will have an up-to-date view of risk exposure and growth opportunities across your portfolio.

How quickly can you update your credit management strategies?

illion combines predictive risk scores with your data, including customer payment information.
This enables you to more deeply analyse your receivables data and review the performance of your reserving and collections strategies.

Which of your customers are at risk of financial distress right now?

illion’s Gold Standard analytics power our notifications and enable to you make a proactive decision on a customer with an increased potential to experience financial distress.

Can you quickly gain an accurate view of your customer portfolio?

The D-U-N-S® numbering system enables you to segment your customer portfolio into characteristics such as geography, risk, size, age, and industry type.

This provides an instantaneous consolidation of your portfolio.

Can you readily track account performance?

illion incorporates your receivables data, industry risk scores and entity risk scores into a single performance chart.
This enables you to interrogate and understand the performance of an entity over time.

Are your customers part of a corporate family?

illion leverages a global network to aggregate account performance to the ultimate parent company.
This enables you to identify the total exposure, and risks and opportunities, within a corporate family.

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