Open Data Solutions

Bank Australia

With illion BankStatements, Bank Australia has reduced loan assessment timeframes by more than 60% greatly improving the customer experience.

Digital Tech Solutions

EDF Energy

illion Digital Tech Solutions helped one of the UK’s largest energy companies to increase short term collections and improve customer experience.

CR Portal


illion has helped marketplace lender Wisr forge a new paradigm for credit reporting and set the stage for future business.

e-Procurement Portal

Southern Midlands Council

Tasmanian council Southern Midlands, leveraged illion TenderLink’s e-Procurement Portal to streamline their tender process.


Telefonica UK

illion Digital Tech Solutions provided a new payment channel for Telefónica UK and delivered 27% of early arrears payments after 12 months.



Through illion BankStatements, SocietyOne’s approval process timeframe dropped by 80%, greatly increasing their onboarding proficiency.

Milton Graham


Logistics company GS1 Australia saw a 65% – 75% success rate on 90-day debt recovery by using Milton Graham’s capabilities.

e-Notification Subscription


illion TenderLink’s e-Notification solution helped HYDRALINC secure and convert qualified sales leads and greatly increase sales growth.

Trust Registry

Using illion’s Trust Registry, a national transportation company were able to identify 81% of the trust accounts in their portfolio.

Pay by SMS


UK telecommunications company O2 optimised illion Digital Tech Solutions ‘Pay by SMS’ to reduce the cost of their collections processes by 7%.

Consumer Marketing

illion Consumer Marketing offers leading utility company the opportunity for new sales growth channel and larger market share.



Online marketplace, Lend, significantly cut loan assessment times and improved the user experience with illion BankStatements.

Portfolio Insight

An Australian construction company used Portfolio Insight to analyse and identify high risks in their extensive supplier portfolio.