Whether you’re in banking, leasing or alternative finance, illion’s new-look Commercial Monitoring solution has been rebuilt from the ground up to make for a monitoring experience that’s faster, more responsive – and easier on the eye.

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Platform performance, stability and scalability

  • We’ve rebuilt the solution from the ground up to deliver a robust monitoring experience that’s faster, intuitive and easier to use.
  • With improved alert processing speed, capacity and performance, you will now receive alerts on any changes to entities you monitor faster than ever before
  • We’ve built new architecture and restructured our database to ensure a faster, smoother monitoring experience.


Ease of use and navigation enhancement with a new user interface in illion Direct

  • New modern UI delivering a better user experience.
  • Responsive screens to allow a more seamless experience when using different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • More information and support on how you are using monitoring to make it easier to manage and find what you are looking for faster.

Filter out the noise

You now have the option to receive summary alerts, which helps keep things organised if you have a large book of customers, saving time and increasing operational efficiency.

A better way to monitor for score changes

We’ve taken our market-leading predictive scores to the next level and given you the ability to pick and choose destination bands for positive and negative score movements. For example, you can choose to only receive alerts on score movements when the new score band is high, very high or severe. An entity’s score change to very high can be good or bad. If the previous score was moderate, for instance, then this isn’t great as the entity has moved to a worse score band. However, if the previous score was severe and has moved down to very high, this at least alerts you to the fact that it’s an improved score (albeit still a relatively poor one).

New format for alert emails to improve user experience

  • Fresh design, including more detail covered in a compact, easy to read and follow format.
  • Specific details on each change e.g. ‘Court actions’.


Greatly increased number of changes that can be monitored

We’ve added over 100 new elements that can be monitored, including:

  • Director adverse
  • Wind-up actions
  • Liquidation and administration
  • Shareholder changes
  • Company/Business details (address, name, type etc.)
  • Commercial Defaults

Expanded profile and user management functions ensuring users receive relevant alerts

Managing your monitoring can be challenging when you have multiple users on the same solution. To help with this, we’ve added the concept of personal and shared profiles allow you to monitor a portfolio jointly as a team with added control to lock profiles and avoid any unintentional changes these profiles can be seen and subscribed to by all users.

Addition of summary emails and alert classification based on priority (High, Medium, Low)

A large book can mean you are inundated with a large influx of alerts, which makes prioritising the most important alerts challenging. To help with this, we have added the option to receive an alert summary email that categorises alerts into High, Medium and Low priorities. Summaries can be also configured to be received daily or weekly.

Value for money

Simplified monthly billing and charges

  • The overall pricing remains the same however will now be charging on a monthly basis instead of yearly. This makes it simpler than having to manage annual renewals. This created a lot of complexity and was difficult to manage especially when seeking to remove or add an entity within a 12-month period.
  • Our new billing process is much simpler where you just need to add entities that you wish to monitor and remove those you do not, the solution takes care of the rest and charges you monthly for all monitored entities pro-rata from the annual cost which will remain the same

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