Like many professional service providers, despite having significant skills and experience, Paul Ollett has found the process of finding clients and accessing profitable projects a never-ending challenge.

About Hydralinc:

HYDRALINC is a Gold Coast based, water engineering company which provides businesses and organisations with affordable and flexible, specialist water services.

Industry: Business Services

Solution: TenderLink’s e-Notification Subscription

Surging the flow of sales leads

HYDRALINC is a Gold Coast-based water engineering company providing specialist water consultancy services ranging from resource evaluations to storm and flood risk assessments.

Describing past efforts as “somewhat hit and miss”, most of HYDRALINC’s assignments to date have come through door-knocking.

“I’ve been targeting people who might have suitable work and relying on word of mouth, mostly,” Paul explains. “I’ve also advertised and done the conference thing, but not had much success with either of those.” Paul Ollett, Director & Principal Water Engineer, HYDRALINC

The TenderLink ability

Paul first heard about TenderLink from a colleague who asked him to collaborate on a joint tender submission for an opportunity which had been delivered by TenderLink. The colleague said the system seemed to be delivering more real prospects than other services he had encountered.

Paul decided to explore further and was struck by the professionalism of the sales person who took the time to understand HYDRALINC’s services, then showed him a range of current relevant tenders in the system, along with a number of subscription options. “It was clear that TenderLink weren’t just tapping into local government tenders, but digging deep and uncovering opportunities in places I’d never find,” he notes, adding that he is now seeing a range of prospective assignments from a broad spectrum of buyer organisations.

Paul had no hesitation in signing up for a one year, three-state subscription which would notify him of any relevant tenders in his home state of Queensland, as well as New South Wales and Victoria. “It was quickly clear to me that if the subscription generated a single job, it would pay for itself and, over time, generate a healthy ROI.” After all, time spent chasing opportunities comes at the expense of billable hours.

When it rains it pours

HYDRALINC has only been signed up for a few weeks, and Paul explains that although his work is specialist, he’s off to a good start with six tenders in his specific field advertised in his first three weeks.

“They are also just the type of tenders I have been trying to find in terms of size, but I have been spread too thinly to turn every stone. Had it not been for TenderLink, I would never have known about them.” Paul Ollett, Director & Principal Water Engineer, HYDRALINC

Having a sense that he was just “padding the field” on previous tenders, Paul is now determined to check out the buyers before committing to a bid. To that end, Paul is impressed that most TenderLink notices include buyer contact details, which avoids the need to waste time hunting for the appropriate person to talk to. This allows him to focus on opportunities that matter while also avoiding the sometimes lengthy wait for tender outcomes on projects that were never going to pan out anyway.

Just a few weeks into his TenderLink subscription, Paul is seeing more opportunities and spending less time chasing dead-end leads and looking for those who may – or may not – need his services. Importantly, he’s discovering projects he would never have known about because they wouldn’t be posted in the places he and his competitors would normally look.

“I don’t have to do anything: the alerts just come through every day. And even those projects that aren’t relevant to me right now are a good source of market intelligence.” Paul Ollett, Director & Principal Water Engineer, HYDRALINC

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