Optimising the extensive reach Consumer Marketing brings to businesses offers a leading utility company the opportunity for new sales growth and larger market share.

Shedding light on the issue

A tier one utilities company in Australia was looking to target a new market for growth where they had little brand presence.

The business needed to select reputable suppliers to ensure their brand would not be tarnished.

The significant cost associated with this branding meant greater than normal due diligence was applied to protect the brand and ensure revenue would be generated quickly to recover their investment.

The utility company needed to identify the best customers to achieve the return on investment they were aiming for.

This required highly targeted Consumer Data to use with below-the-line marketing for door knocking, personalised direct mail, telemarketing, email campaigns and digital, which would drive customers into all channels, including outbound and inbound call centres and online signups.

Illuminating the solution

To address the customer concerns around data sensitivity (especially death, domestic abuse and under age data), illion developed market leading service level agreements with the customer to ensure data enquiries are addressed promptly.

Each month illion used a secure file transfer service to deliver 16 million records with attribute data. The customer then simply loaded this data into their IT infrastructure to support their Marketing and Sales departments. The customer is considering using our recently released APIs (Application Programming Interface) in the future.

illion’s Consumer Marketing component boasts extensive reach across Australian households.

  • 16 million single customer views of customers over 18 years of age
  • 14.2 million household records continuously validated for accuracy
  • The most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date consumer lead pool in the market
  • 5.6 million validated mobile numbers updated monthly (DNCR + pinged)
  • 11 million validate email addresses updated monthly (DNCR + pinged)
  • 7.9 million validated landlines updated monthly (DNCR + pinged)

Consumer Marketing capability:

  • Speed: Faster delivery of >16 million records
  • Depth: 20% more records in our data universe
  • Quality: Better accuracy and currency
  • Appends: 100+ different attributes

Empowering results

The ROI result incentivised the customer to re-sign for their 2nd year. They are now using illion Consumer Marketing Data exclusively for all below-the-line marketing, supporting large above-the-line campaigns and spend.

The customer also expanded their data feed to include an additional 10m ‘Digital linkage’ records to support their Digital Marketing Strategy.


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