Using the insights of Portfolio Insight, a leading national construction company have cemented themselves as a robust, safe and secure company free from unnecessary risk.

Looking for the cracks

The company is a valued client of illion having started their relationship with us back in 2015. Since then they’ve used our data and analytics to monitor and manage their contractor portfolio.

As a major national builder, they engage with numerous subcontractors and suppliers in order to manage workload and project completion deadlines. The problem this presents the company with is the risk that subcontractor’s businesses may fail during the lifecycle of their contract, leaving the company exposed to contract defaults, fines and irreparable damage to their reputation.

Strengthening the foundations

Through illion, the client saw a compelling opportunity to mitigate their risks by employing Portfolio Insight as a monitoring, early warning system and reporting service.

By supplying illion with their list of sub-contractors and suppliers via the Portfolio Insight portal the data is matched and appended against illion’s comprehensive data sets.

Portfolio Insight provides an on-demand report, giving them a holistic view of their sub-contractors and suppliers and assigning a risk of failure and risk of late payments scores.

Using this information the company is able to pro-actively identify any risk and make informed decisions on how to react.

Portfolio Insight provides a solution that enables the company to:

  • Profile and mitigate risk to their business
  • Analyse their projects to better manage their contractor bidding processes
  • Segment and accurately organise their portfolio
  • Risk map their suppliers utilising illion’s Failure and Risk Scores
  • Track sub-contractor and supplier business performance and late payments trends

Rising skyward

The client is able to remain informed and ahead of any potential exposure to their business by using our reports to set a standard for the sub-contractors they deal with.

They also benefit from increased efficiency due to immediate on-demand reports that otherwise would take constant manual review, costing the business valuable resources and risk of human error.

Optimising the opportunities Portfolio Insight provides, the client is better informed of risks and can confidently retain their reputation as a trusted and secure option for developers to call on.


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