Consumer Risk

Better understand the risks and opportunities involved with your current and prospective customers with illion’s consumer risk solutions.

Driven by the data of Australia’s first-to-market comprehensive credit bureau, our analytics, software, and predictive scorecards can help you reduce credit and fraud risks, identify and tailor new lending opportunities, manage your customer identification and verification compliance requirements, and track debtors and lost customers with real-time search and locate solutions.

Consumer Credit Bureau

Powered by Australia’s market leading comprehensive credit bureau and market-leading analytics, illion provides trusted insights on the credit risk profile, behaviours and prospensities of consumers. Leveraging credit and public record information on millions of Australian consumers, our range of reports and predictive risk scores can help you better understand the risks involved with current and prospective customers thereby allowing you to make decisions with confidence.

Extreme Credit Risk (ECR)

illion’s Extreme Credit Risk (ECR) solution allows businesses in the telecommunications and unsecured finance sectors to make real-time credit assessments, and identify customers with a high credit or fraud risk. Combining illion’s consumer credit bureau and analytics, illion’s ECR solution is customisable and can be integrated into your internal systems.

Geographic Risk Index

Knowing the risk of geographic locations is a powerful indicator of consumer risk. The Geographic Risk Index (GRI) indicates how likely a consumer is to have an adverse credit history relative to the Australian population. This index measures the concentration of adverse consumer credit information in a given area.

The GRI uses ‘Meshblock’ level data to provide a more predictive index at a concentrated geographic area of approximately 30–60 households.


VixVerify provides online identity verification services to government and business clients globally and its greenID platform is Australia’s market-leading online identity verification solution. Comprehensive customer identification and verification plays a critical role in reducing your risk of fraud and managing your anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism compliance requirements.


Verifier is an online income verification tool that provides secure, swift and verified income information.

Skip tracing

illion’s powerful real-time search, match, and locate solutions allow you to trace customers who have moved with outstanding debts owing to your business, or to re-establish relationships with former customers.


illion’s consultants will help solve your company’s unique risk management challenges with customised credit and customer management solutions. Highly experienced in both local and international credit markets, our consultants can optimise your credit risk and credit review processes, help you make smarter customer acquisition decisions, improve customer retention and reduce costs.

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