Credit Monitoring

Boost business performance by monitoring information to identify any previously unseen risk exposure.

Using Alerts, Account Management and Portfolio Review, illion’s Credit Monitoring function allows businesses to boost performance and mitigate risk by allowing them to watch and discern which of their customers present opportunity and which ones present high-risk.


illion’s Consumer Risk Alert capacity acts to notify customers, in real time, if their risk profile changes for high-risk customers in their portfolio and provide an overview in the form of a risk profile.

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review is a management solution by illion which assesses customer portfolios and summarily provides analytical data to help produce a holistic view on each customer to allow businesses to make informed decisions. Portfolio Review’s secondary function is a quality control of a business’s entire portfolio and recognise and crucial holes in the data set.

Account Management

Account Management acts as a flag on customer profiles and delivered in batches to provide aggregated data on all current, high-risk, customers.

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