Leverage illion insights into customers to gain advantages in risk mitigation, streamline oversight and discovery further opportunities with illion’s Evaluation capability.

As business conditions in credit provision become more dynamic and ever more challenging, illion’s Evaluation capabilities helps businesses mitigate consumer risk by effectively and efficiently assessing existing and new customers to better determine viability. With access to unique and comprehensive data via illion’s Consumer Bureau, businesses have the tools to successfully evaluate their customer portfolios.

Credit Reports

Using illion’s Credit Reports allows businesses to identify deep credit histories as well as adverse consumer behaviour.

Consumer Risk Scores

The illion Consumer Risk Scores predict the likelihood of individuals experiencing adverse credit behaviour. Businesses and finance providers use the scores to understand the credit risk of a potential customer in both automated and manual environments.

Consumer Risk Schema

The most comprehensive grouping of raw data to simplify for credit providers. illion’s Risk Block provides an aggregated summary to help credit providers have clear and precise data to inform credit lending decisions.

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