Getting PPSR correctly every time, as many asset financiers will tell you, is not easy.  Several providers have tried but the specialist nature of achieving the highest priority security interests means that very few do it well.  With insolvencies on the increase, and the economic outlook showing signs of further decline, banks and finance companies are turning their attention to PPSR compliance to ensure they have enforceable security in place when they need it.

illion has responded to increased demand by formalising its longstanding relationship with Access Intell – one of Australia’s most technically advanced providers of PPSR processing services.  Access Intell sits in the niche space between legal advisers, existing systems and the register itself to implement automated processes that deliver the highest level of PPSR accuracy.

Access Intell’s founder Lynne Walton (a former insolvency practitioner) has specialised in PPSR since 2010 and was the first EDX broker business in Australia.  She regularly implements solutions for and advises big four and second tier banks, large financiers and hundreds of businesses on the practicalities of PPSR compliance.  Lynne is widely regarded as the leading authority on achieving the required security in high volume processing.

Access Intell has established itself as one of Australia’s premier providers of automated, PPSR processing.  It’s platform, operational since 2018, has proven to be robust and reliable with unique features like automatic collateral and grantor validation putting it in a league of its own.  illion is pleased to be able to offer clients another superior solution.

If you are interested in exploring our PPSR solutions, please contact Alistair Tod (Account Director, illion) or Lynne Walton (CEO and Founder, Access Intell).

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