With our consumer marketing data, you can make better decisions.

By analysing and providing insights into your customers’ behaviour, we can help you understand who your customers are, so you can measure, define and refine your go-to-market strategy, and find more of your desired customers.

We do this in four stages:

1 – Enhance
We validate and enhance your data and add up various attributes, so you can obtain the most reliable view of your customers.
2 – Analyse
By providing accurate insights into your customer base, we provide you with a solid foundation to build your acquisition or retention strategy.
3 – Activate
With our trigger and activation solutions, you can offer the right products, to the right customers, at the right time.
4 – Measure
We measure outcomes to track effectiveness and learn where to improve.

Consumer data for all areas of sales and marketing

Our strategic solutions can support your organisation in all aspects of B2C sales and marketing activities.

Our consumer data services include:

Data cleansing
Improve your data quality to:

  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Enhance your database
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Help increase customer satisfaction
  • Effectively identify deceased estates


Segmentation and customer targeting
Focus on quality customers that meet your requirements to:

  • Maximise your revenue
  • Identify credit risk in particular geographic areas
  • Improve strategic decisions based on geography
  • Target consumers and provide support in specific locations
  • Optimise placement of resources

Customer attrition reduction
Improve customer retention and increase your portfolio value and market share by:

  • Identifying consumers with a high propensity to churn
  • Using GRI (geographic risk index) and credit scoring data to evaluate attrition risk


Market opportunity identification
By gaining a detailed overview of potential areas of growth, you can:

  • Find opportunities aligned to your business goals
  • Cross-sell more effectively
  • Increase product holdings to meet customer demands
  • Successfully target specific age demographics
  • Boost revenue


Debt recovery optimisation
You can help sustain your cashflow and resources with our optimised debt recovery planning and collection services.

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