With regulatory pressure ramping up in Australia, a new partnership between Acuris Risk Intelligence and illion will deliver new opportunities for financial entities to tailor their AML CTF compliance program and avoid reputational risk.

With AUSTRAC’s recent $9m+ penalty enforced against Westpac in Australia, it is now clear that regulators are determined to make sure financial entities know their customers well and monitor for any changes in risk profiles.

illion and Acuris Risk Intelligence have proven successes in this arena.

Build on an end-to-end AML solution.

illion has demonstrated experience and expertise in the financial sector, with insights and knowledge of systems, data, processes and people. illion also has expertise at adapting third-party and anti-corruption risk, AML and KYC due diligence and monitoring processes to help companies build risk protection into their normal operations, ensuring the delivery of a successful AML compliance risk management program.

Screen against best-in-class PEP, sanctions and adverse media databases.

PEP, sanctions and adverse media screening is a fundamental component of a best-in-class Ongoing Customer Due Diligence framework.  Acuris Risk Intelligence data offers accuracy and peace of mind for compliance:

  • Data from over 14,000 global sources and 130 corporate registries
  • Over 14 million PEP profiles
  • Sanctions data updated every 30 minutes, 24/7
  • Enhanced due diligence and adverse media with supporting evidence.

Gain time, save cost:

The new partnership between illion and Acuris Risk Intelligence will allow financial entities to effectively automate their onboarding processes, focus quickly on high-risk customers and benefit from timely alerts with a fast and efficient watchlist screening solution.

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