Despite ongoing business challenges, our newly introduced illion Growth Index is revealing a surge in trade activity in Australia in the past six months, particularly in a few key industries.

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Behind the Data: The who, what, where, when and why behind the data

Who: The analysis has been compiled by illion’s Head of Analytics Louis Tsang

What: The illion Growth Index is our newest commercial product, helping you identify businesses with long- and short-term growth potential. The index is built using data sourced from illion’s proprietary trade bureau and spend data. The trade bureau can show payments between businesses and suppliers which can highlight how late a company is paying another company beyond agreed terms. illion’s spend data is sourced from transaction data through our ODS product.

Where: The illion Growth Index covers both Australia and New Zealand businesses.

When: An increase in the illion Growth index has been observed over the past six months.

Why: In uncertain times, it is crucial to have a reliable measure for identifying strong-performing businesses. The illion Growth Index can help you achieve several key business objectives – from better marketing and leads identification, to improving acquisition processes and collections activities.

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