Supplier Risk

illion’s supplier solutions tap into our market-leading Commercial Bureau to provide customers and procurement teams with an instant form of supplier verification and a trusted understanding of a suppliers likelihood of failing.

Supplier Risk Report

Helping businesses make faster decisions and get instant verification on suppliers, illion’s Failure Risk Reports give access to accurate and up to date data and risk scouring. Get clear recommendations on suppliers, failure risk percentages and compare against industry averages to ultimately minimise supplier risk.

Supplier Risk Score

Leverage illion’s Failure Risk Score to identify supplier stability and minimise risk easily and quickly. Access easy to understand, trusted scoring with accurate risk ratings that grade suppliers from minimal to severe likelihood of failure.

Supplier Monitoring

Using illion’s Monitoring solutions, stay continuously informed on supplier risk with alerts on positive and negative changes as they happen. Receive up to date business information, timely alerts on business adverse, notifications of ASIC lodgments, and track risk score changes that provide early warnings on financial distress.

Supplier Verification Report

Get instant verification on suppliers through illion’s Commercial Bureau Enquiries. Before engaging in new contracts, ensure informed decisions with up-to-date supplier data on business status, trading details, ownership and affiliations.

Financial Viability Reports

Financial Viability Reports are comprehensive risk reports that offer a combination of professional financial statement analysis, further optimising your access to data from Australia’s leading commercial database. Enable your business to identify whether the major suppliers you do business with have adequate financial resources to perform and honour a contract, before you award it.

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