With increasing uncertainty in the economy, understanding customer and supplier risk has never been more important.

Our Portfolio Health Check can help you navigate these challenging economic times by providing a detailed view of high-risk areas in your account portfolios, as well as opportunities for growth.

Case study:

An Alternative Finance (AltFi) client supplied illion with their existing 10,240 customer portfolio – our PHC helped them identify:
  • 2,070 (20%) – Clients with both a High to Severe Risk of Failure & High to Severe Risk of Late Payment Scores
  • 101 (1%) – Clients already in Liquidation
  • 40 (<1%) – Clients de-registered with ASIC

illion’s Portfolio Health Check can enable you to:

Profile and mitigate risks to your business.

Analyse your account receivables to help guide your business strategy.

Identify corporate families, to help determine total exposure, risks and opportunities for further revenue growth.

See a heatmap of your debtors based upon illion’s Failure and Late Payment Risk Scores.

Improve your decision-making with illion’s exclusive insights

To obtain a Portfolio Health Check, all you need to do is provide us with your aged trial balance (ATB).

Once we analyse, wash and append your data using our exclusive data insights, we will then provide a map of the risks of late payment and risks of failure across your entire portfolio.

This will help you identify risk exposure and growth opportunities in your business and improve your decision-making power.

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