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illion Open Data Solutions is a market leading financial technology provider and our flagship product, BankStatements, provides a lightning fast, frictionless web-based solution for the retrieval of bank statement data, which boosts conversion rates for brokers. Our technology is used by thousands of asset finance and mortgage brokers in Australia. BrokerFlow, allows lenders to access your customers’ statements directly from us, making applications even more frictionless. Many top lenders have partnered with us to supercharge their application processes using BrokerFlow.

What’s in it for you?

Using BrokerFlow allows your preferred lender to streamline your application, meaning faster assessments and an improved customer experience.

What does it mean for your current BankStatements service?

If you’re already using BankStatements, nothing changes. We’ll simply store the statements in our portal for your chosen lender to retrieve. We’ll include a Document ID on each statement which you need to send to the lender, giving them permission to retrieve your customer’s statements.

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