Analytics and Categorisation

Put the data you need at your fingertips for faster, smarter lending decisions.

illion’s Open Data Solutions Analytics and Categorisation can be used to assess the risk, liquidity and serviceability of your customers. They put the data you need at your fingertips for smart lending decisions, driving your business further, faster.  Our client-driven analytics and pattern analysis utilises categorised transaction data to provide you with a tailored view of account holder information.

The Decision Metrics are specific data points that sit at the top of your customer’s bank statement meaning you can get the information you need quickly without having to search through the statement. Decision Metrics are available in both the PDF/HTML statements and in the JSON/XML data.

What are the data points?

Once the categorisation process is complete, we run pattern analysis over the top of the categorised transactions, resulting in a series of intelligent data points that can be matched to your credit decisioning. We can create customised Decision Metrics based on your requirements.

Examples of what we can do with the data:

  • Derive frequency and count of events
  • Perform calculations
  • Combine multiple categories into one metric
  • Identifying potentially risky transactions
  • Text values
  • Date related metrics

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