As the national COVID roadmap is rolled out, Australians are starting to enjoy some eagerly anticipated freedoms and we have observed the resumption of normal ecomic activity.

During 2020, Australia was among the world’s most enviable nations for our COVID survivability, but the arrival of the Delta variant has dealt a fierce blow, and that, coupled with reduced government support, has meant 2021 has become another exhausting year for local businesses.

Economic indicators have reached a below-average but steady point, following a sharp dip at the start of the current outbreak in July. The long-term view shows similar downward spikes each time case numbers rise, which then stabilise in the following months as Australians adjust to the new normal.

However, as restrictions ease with strong vaccination rates, both consumer and business confidence are starting to recover well. Using our full analytics capability, illion has mapped key change indicators and pulled the covers off hidden risk to reveal where we have ended up – and what this means for you and your business.