A wealth of business intelligence at your fingertips

Whether you’re researching new business opportunities, building a marketing campaign or need insights on a company’s financial history, Company360 gives you unrivalled access to comprehensive financial intelligence on Australia’s top 100,000 private and public companies, including:

  • Corporate family trees
  • Financial history and analysis
  • Director and executive profiles
  • Shareholder information

Easily access insights on 100,000 Australian businesses

Company360 has been updated with an additional 50,000 entities, making it an even more powerful business intelligence tool.


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Why your business should be using Company360

Build valuable sales and marketing lists
Reach more of the right people and segment your marketing for greater engagement with new and existing customers and projects.

Research shareholdings and family trees
Gain valuable insights to make more informed decisions and identify corporate linkages.

Access detailed financial statement information
Make informed decisions, minimise risk and get a clearer picture on the financial position of competitors and potential partners.

Company360 – key features

Comprehensive database of Australia’s top 100,000 private and public companies

Market leading data and depth

Simple and advanced search functionality

Comprehensive personnel, company structure and financial coverage

Email alerts tailored to your Watchlist

Business news and commentary updated daily

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