illion can provided a flat file of the full set of 16 million Australian records with attribute data via a secure file transfer service. The customer then simply loaded the data into their IT infrastructure to support their Marketing and Sales departments. The customer can also use our recently released APIs to pull in data as often as needed.

Credit Demand Index (CDI)

The Credit Demand Index (CDI) is a credit demand indicator for geographic locations that indicates the likely number of credit enquiries over the next quarter for different credit products. The index ranges ranges from 1-7, with 1 representing low credit demand and 7 representing high credit demand.

illion has specific indices to ensure accurate indices on telco, utility, credit cards, personal loans, automotive, mortgage and SACC and MACC loan data.

Improved Geographic Risk Index (GRI 2.0)

The Geographic Risk Index (GRI) 2.0 is a highly predictive credit risk indicator that helps you to make informed decisions about the potential value of your customers. Using aggregated and depersonalised data sourced from the illion credit bureau, it indicates how likely a consumer is to have an adverse credit history relative to the Australian population.


Updated monthly, the GRI 2.0 measures an individual’s risk across a percentile, relative to the overall population risk of default, where ‘1’ indicates the poorest credit risk areas and ‘100’ the best and it improves on the older GRI score by incorporating both positive and negative bureau data resulting in an almost 10 Gini point improvement to the predictive capability of the index.

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