Data and analytics products and services to support you throughout your entire customer life cycle.

Marketing Solutions

Maximising your sales and marketing investment is all about intelligent decision making powered by access to the best quality data and analytics. illion has Australia’s largest marketable database and a team of world-class consumer and business data experts who bring this data to life.

Through scorecards, machine learning algorithms and augmented intelligence, our comprehensive and insight-driven marketing solutions can support you throughout your customer lifecycle. From segmentation and targeting, to channel planning; from onboarding to relationship management. With our data-driven insights powering your marketing decisions, you can ensure you’re always minimising risk and maximising growth opportunities and new revenue streams.


Powered by the world’s largest commercial database covering 85 million companies and 100 million key decision makers, Hoovers is the ultimate international business intelligence tool. Target the most viable overseas opportunities with qualified international lead generation. Identify growth opportunities through global corporate linkage analysis, build customised lists of targeted prospects, receive curated news and social content relating to industries of interest and alerts about prospects around the world.

Company 360

Company 360 is Australia’s most comprehensive business intelligence tool. Unrivalled for the depth and breadth of its information, Company 360’s database spans Australia’s top 50,000 private and public companies. Access comprehensive financial history and analysis, corporate family trees, director and executive profiles, and shareholder information. Content from Company 360’s dedicated editorial team will also ensure you are up to date with the latest company news.

Market Insight

Are you making the most out of your current customer database? What growth opportunities, new prospects and untapped revenue could be uncovered by analysing your existing customer relationships? Market Insight, Australia’s leading market intelligence tool, turns your own data into actionable sales insights. Offering a holistic view of your marketing database, Market Insight helps you profile best customers, build prospect lists, and make smarter marketing decisions.


By combining the world’s best data with advanced analytics, powerful segmentation, and scoring tools, Prospector finds best-fit leads and targets businesses most likely to buy and pay on time, taking your lead generation strategy to a whole new level.

Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing’s range of robust data solutions and data-management services include lead generation, data washing and identity verification. For more than 25 years Consumer Marketing has specialised in using data solutions and data-management services to deliver accurate and timely direct consumer marketing campaign services. Beyond the collection of data, Consumer Marketing also provides expert analysis and interpretation, resulting in the most powerful and comprehensive marketing data solutions.

Spend Analytics

Our market leading spend analytics means you can understand your customers more deeply than ever before. This is achieved through location-based profiling, store catchment areas, share of spend time series analysis, loyalty analysis, brand alignment and benchmarking and peer analysis.

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