Commercial Risk

By unlocking data-driven insights about the commercial entities you do business with, illion helps you minimise your risk so you can make more informed credit decisions.

Our unparalleled data sources and sophisticated analytics inform our array of reports and proprietary predictive risk scores. These reports and scores reveal actionable insights about your risk exposure and growth opportunities. We also provide access to third party information such as land titles and the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR), allowing you to validate or register security to protect your business exposure.

illion Direct

Powered by the world’s largest commercial database, illion Direct is a powerful risk management solution that delivers holistic and actionable insights for the on-boarding, management, and growth of your customers and prospects. Whether you require our most comprehensive report for a high risk credit decision, or a simple business verification, illion Direct’s predictive failure and late payment scores help you to minimise risk and maximise opportunities.

Portfolio Insight

illion’s Portfolio Insight represents the gold standard in data intelligence and business risk analytics. Updated daily, Portfolio Insight builds on the powerful illion Direct dashboard to profile your current customers. Gain greater visibility on customer performance and extract deeper analysis by overlaying illion’s predictive risk scores with your own accounts receivable data. It also allows you to identify corporate families to maximise growth opportunities and understand your total exposure, segment your exposure and track customer performance over time.


Need to make a fast credit decision about an individual company or director? Express gives you immediate access to our commercial database by purchasing a selection of commercial credit reports on a casual basis. Express also allows you to conduct various checks that help predict financial stability and payment patterns.

Trade Exchange Program

Trade Exchange is a data sharing platform that helps protect your business with high level risk assessments of your commercial customers or prospects, and predictive payment patterns.

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Protect your business and its credit exposure by registering security interest in the personal property that you supply and lease. illion’s link to the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) offers an integrated one-stop-shop for property securitisation.

Simple KYC

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. Efficient and easy-to-use, Simple KYC is a business process management solution that harnesses the potential of machine-learning algorithms to take the hassle out of onboarding new customers.

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