• Economic Snapshot October 2023

    Late payments continue to be on the rise, impacting various industries differently in the Australian economy. illion’s trade bureau helps report on these shifts by monitoring payment behaviour between businesses and suppliers.

    Over the last 12 months, the Construction and Manufacturing industries have been stand outs, with a 49% and 31% increase in late payment times…

  • Economic Snapshot August 2023

    Recent data shows more young homeowners in Australia and New Zealand are falling behind on their mortgage payments, with the youngest borrowers struggling the most.

    Find out more in our Economic Snapshot.
    Behind the Data: The who, what, where, when and why behind the data
    Who: The analysis is compiled by Louis Tsang, Head of Analytics at illion.…

  • Economic Snapshot July 2023

    As cash rate increases flow through to higher repayments, more Australian consumers are starting to struggle.

    There has been a sharp increase in consumer delinquency rates in the past six months, beyond what we would expect to see seasonally.

    Find out what our latest data is revealing in our Australian Economic Snapshot belowRead more Insights or follow our LinkedIn…

  • Economic Snapshot May 2023

    Are you feeling the pinch of rising costs? Recent data from illion has revealed that rising essential living costs have created a selective consumer landscape with local business expected to suffer the most.

    Find out what the latest data in our latest Australian Economic Snapshot which includes analysis on how consumers are winding back their spending…

  • Economic Snapshot March 2023

    With the overall stress in the Australian market starting to impact company financials, late payments times are starting to increase.

    Find out what the latest data shows, including a breakdown of those industries hardest hit, in our latest Australian Economic Snapshot below.

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  • Economic Snapshot October 2022

    In our latest Australian Economic Snapshot, we provide an insight into the current personal loans lending activity in the Australian market, revealing an interesting relationship between an individual’s credit score and their subsequent approved credit limit.

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  • Economic Snapshot September 2022

    New data reveals the extent of the current debt plight of Australians, with a rapid growth in personal loan delinquency rates.

    Find out what the latest figures are across the banking sector in our latest Australian Economic Snapshot below:Key Australian industries are struggling to avert insolvency.

    While insolvencies in most industries have remained below pre-COVID levels in…