• Business Expectations, December Quarter 2019 Final Results

    No holiday cheer for construction sector
    Australian construction firms are expecting a subdued end to 2019, with the latest illion Business Expectations report revealing a sharp deterioration in December quarter forecasts.

    illion’s survey of more than 1,200 business owners and executives found businesses in the construction sector are expecting sharp declines across their sales, profit, employment and […]

  • Australian Late Payments Analysis: March Quarter 2019

    Australian businesses paying their bills in record time
    Payment times for Australian businesses have improved by 10 per cent year-on-year to 10.5 days, the best level for March late payments on record. This suggests that business confidence is improving. Comparing payment patterns across the country, Tasmanian businesses take just eight days to pay their overdue bills, […]

  • Business Expectations, March Quarter 2019 Final Results

    Business confidence plummets
    Business confidence for the first quarter of 2019 has collapsed, according to illion’s latest Business Expectations analysis. The Business Expectations Index for the March quarter stands at 20.9 points, down 7.1 per cent year-on-year and the lowest level since the December 2017 quarter.“Several factors are driving business uncertainty. In the short-term we have […]

  • Quick Guide: Business Expectations, March Quarter 2019 Interim Results

    Construction woes weigh on index

    illion’s latest business expectations survey has confirmed a cooling economic outlook. The composite expectations index fell to its weakest level since the December quarter 2017, while the actuals index dipped to its lowest level since the September quarter 2017.if(“undefined”==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper={},window.datawrapper.embedDeltas={“100″:572,”200″:466,”300″:426,”400″:426,”500″:400,”700″:400,”800″:400,”900″:400,”1000”:400},window.datawrapper.iframe=document.getElementById(“datawrapper-chart-TMA8d”),window.datawrapper.iframe.style.height=window.datawrapper.embedDeltas.iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+”px”,window.addEventListener(“message”,function(a){if(“undefined”!=typeof a.data)for(var b in a.data)if(“TMA8d”==b)window.datawrapper.iframe.style.height=a.data+”px”});”The construction sector appears to be on the […]

  • Quick Guide: Business Expectations, March Quarter 2019 Preliminary Results

    Expected selling prices up amid growing concerns over consumer confidence

    The illion business expectations survey retained a positive outlook for the March quarter – with business expectations rising 4.5% annually to 23.2 points, while actual performance increased 5.3% to 16.6 points. Both measures remain firm.if(“undefined”==typeof window.datawrapper)window.datawrapper={};window.datawrapper={},window.datawrapper.embedDeltas={“100″:592,”200″:472,”300″:424,”400″:400,”500″:400,”700″:400,”800″:376,”900″:376,”1000”:376},window.datawrapper.iframe=document.getElementById(“datawrapper-chart-T7Uhf”),window.datawrapper.iframe.style.height=window.datawrapper.embedDeltas.iframe.offsetWidth/100),100))]+”px”,window.addEventListener(“message”,function(a){if(“undefined”!=typeof a.data)for(var b in a.data)if(“T7Uhf”==b)window.datawrapper.iframe.style.height=a.data+”px”});”The business expectations survey asked firms which issue […]

  • Business Expectations, December Quarter 2018 Final Results

    Business confidence edges up
    Business confidence has improved over the latest quarter, with illion’s Business Expectations survey showing small increases in both expected and actual results. The retail sector delivered a seasonal rebound in its outlook for December, following a bout of pessimism last quarter.“The latest survey results paint an optimistic picture across the wider Australian […]

  • Quick Guide: Business Expectations, December Quarter 2018 Interim Results

    Business shrugs off political uncertainty, expectations surge to a 15-year high

    Favourable employment figures, an upturn in retail spending and on-going record low interest rates have led to a 15-year high in illion’s Business Expectations Index.”Most encouraging is a further rise in expected employment and a strong increase in expected capital expenditure. We expect further gains […]